Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chapel on the Hill

I know I said I was going to write about directing. But what is happening right now is much more interesting. I am in Munich on my way to Berlin. But not in Munich actually; in a very small village south of Munich close to the Alps. It is absolutley gorgeous here. Sadly, the first day when I took a walk with friends through the countryside, I negelected to take my camera and missed some stunning shots. But yesterday, on a walk a dusk I was smart enough to remember and captured many shots including this one. This small chapel is truly located all by itself on the top of a remote hill (can you see it in the picture below?). We hiked to the top and I was told to get my wishes ready ... as this chapel is famous for fulfilling wishes of those who make the climb and light a candles inside.

Inside is the tiniest chapel imaginable. About eight pews and just about enough room to walk in and turn around.

Story of this chapel. This hill overlooks a small Bavarian village. Innocent little town tucked away in a peacful valley. But it is located on the flight path that bombers took during WWII heading toward Munich. One day, one of these bombers had been hit and was burning and about to crash. It was headed directly for this village. At the last moment the burning bomber suddenly lifted up above the village and then plunged to the earth in a huge explosion, miraculously sparing the village and villagers. Perhaps it was the hand of God. Perhaps the pilot in the final moment of courage and control wrestled the plane away from the village. Regardless, it was a miracle. This chapel was built in honor of this moment.

Here is the inside of the Chapel. I lit a candle, made my wishes and trust in the powers that be.

Okay, why in Munich?

Actually, I am on my way to Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival and Market. My writing partner and I have several projects we have developed, written or are proposing that we will be presenting to various producers, executives at the European Film Market.

So, I will continue to take pictures and maybe even document my journey on these pages.

Cheers, Mark