Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to Boyden Road

February 1, 2008

Welcome to my new blog. Well, truly, it's my only blog. For years I resisted creating one or even looking at other ones. But today, because of my friend, Naomi, I have broken down and here it is.

Picture on the left, for those who are curious, is Tanner and me. Tanner, rescue dog of 7 years and truly my best friend.

This blog will primarily be about Directing. Film and Theatre Directing.
As a director and teacher of directing and consultant on directing I am constantly exploring the world of directing. I realize I am a bit of a maverick, and I like that. I realize that some of my points of view are way outside the box, unconventional and a bit arrogant and rebellious. That, too, I like.

So BOYDEN ROAD will primarily be a blog about Film and Theatre Directing. I am in the middle of writing my third book "The Director's Bag of Tricks" and I am considering posting chapters in this blog as I complete them (or even portions of chapters) just to share them whit whoever is out there and is interested ... and to get some feedback and response. Writing is a very lonely occupation ... but even lonelier when you have finished something and would like some response.

So now that I have this little puppy lauched, it is time to get back to the real work at hand.

Cheers, Mark