Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 09 News

There is so much happening in my world but I did promise that this Blog would be about the world of film directing and specifically about my work as a director, writer, teacher and consultant.  

New Book.  Yes, I have finally committed myself to writing the next book (there are three books in the pipe line).  The next book "The Director's Bag of Tricks" is going to be a whimsical and 
practical as the title promises.  During my 30+ years of directing theater and film and during my constant pursuit of new techn
iques working with actors I have either discovered, stumbled upon or actually created directorial "tricks" that have produced amazing results.  My dear friend and publisher, Michael Wiese ( has been after me for years to write these down.   So, now I am doing it.  The book will be finished by the end of the year and out in earl 2010.

(The picture above is me a couple of years ago working with one of my favorite actors, Slava, in a directing workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.)

For the next few months I will be in Los Angeles, writing and developing new projects for theater and film.  I've started a new SOLO WORKSHOP for a group of very talented writers and performers who are developing new one-person shows.

On May 1st, PAY ATTENTION, a solo show written and performed by Frank South (a developed in the Hawaii Solo workshop) will open here in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Playhouse.  Go to for more information.

My next teaching tour of Europe will begin in early June with stops in London, Amsterdam, Munich and Barcelona.  Check out my website for an updated schedule.

More news later.