Thursday, June 3, 2010

At the moment on a five week teaching tour of Europe. First week in the beautiful city of Copenhagen teaching at the National Danish Film School. Great school. Great students (well, not actually 'students' as I am working on the Post Graduate Division and these are mostly working professional directors, actors and writers).

Been a long time since I've posted anything in this blog but now I am determined to keep it very active with my travels, my teachings, my thoughts and mostly the developments of The Travis Technique and the progress of my books.

"The Directors Bag of Tricks" is almost done. By the end of the summer it will go into the full production phase and come out sometime in 2011. I will keep you posted. Early responses to the book are fantastic, way beyond what I imagined possible. I am very pleased.

The Travis Technique (my unique approach to working the actors) continues to develop, emerge and become refined as one of the most powerful directing tools imaginable. For those of you who don't know what it is, here's the core of the idea: "Stop directing the actors, Start directing the Characters".

The Travis Technique

What happens when directors stop directing
and actors stop acting?

When Directors control and demand results and when Actors simply pretend -- our attempts to create a new reality fail.

What would happen if we simply created an environment within which reality could truly exist?

This is actually the subject matter for my next directing book (there is a writing book coming as well). Stay tuned here and you will be getting more information.

Running off to the Film School now to work with 30 eager directors and actors. More news soon


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Dashuta said...

:) I see you are as frequent with your blogposts as I am. Another similarity. To me it just says that you are way too busy each and every second to find some time and thoroughly document all the events that are worthwhile to remember. Yet that too bad, as sometimes I notice that I start forgetting things I thought I'd never forget, but certainly not our work together. Viva HSU, Gerry McCarty and Aram :)) best, D